Software development

Santa Clara County software development co. seeks one full-time Sr. Apps Software Developer to work at its office in Mt. View, CA. Candidate must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering or foreign equivalent, as well as 1 year of prior relevant software development experience. This position requires no relocation. This position requires no travel.

Job Nature: Full time

2911 Russell St. Berkeley, CA

Candidate duties will include:

  • Modify existing software to correct errors, to adapt it to new hardware and to upgrade interfaces and improve performance
  • Analyze user needs and software requirements to determine feasibility of design within time and cost constraints
  • Confer with systems analysts, engineers, programmers and others to design system and to obtain information on project limitations and capabilities, performance requirements and interfaces
  • Manage work priority and workload of subordinate software applications developer according to company needs
  • Develop software system testing and validation procedures Review report on software application testing and validation procedures done by subordinate software application developer
  • Direct software programming and development of documentation
  • Review documentation on software programming prepared by subordinate software application developer
  • Consult with other departments on project status, proposals, or technical issues, such as software application design or maintenance
  • Analyze information to determine, recommend, and oversee installation of new systems or modifications of an existing software application
  • Prepare reports concerning project specifications, activities, and status
  • Confer with subordinate and other departments to obtain information on capabilities for data processing projects
  • Oversee subordinate software developer on storing, retrieving, and manipulating data for analysis of software application capabilities and requirements
  • Collaborate and work with programmers, designers, technologists, technicians, or other engineering personnel
  • Develop training protocol for company users and end users to use new or modified application

Candidate must possess at least 1 year of experience in VR mobile development Mobile development (IOS, ANDROID, WP) .NET (C#, F#) ASP.NET (MVC) MSSQL SERVER (T-SQL) JAVASCRIPT KNOCKOUT JS ORACLE (PL-SQL).

Employer: Fulldive Corp.
Contact: HR: nana@fulldive.com

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